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Grow your own 🌱🍅

Every year we have raspberries and strawberries in our garden but this year I wanted to try a few new things so hubby built me a vegetable planter and I grew all these from seeds!

I've got courgettes, onions, tomatoes and chives that are all going great guns and my raspberries, strawberries, mint and sage are all coming back this year as well.

I've also got a tiny chilli plant I'm growing inside which I am nurturing because it is a slow burner 😆

My seed sprouting jar is always filled up with nutritious seeds I can add to anything too! 🌱

I planted some carrots but they haven't dome very well since I put them outside, but you can't win them all and I'm going to be happy with whatever my little garden produces!

Growing your own is cheap, fun and means you have good food available whenever you need it during the summer 😁

Do you grow your own?

Here are my first tomato flowers and raspberry buds!

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