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Client Testimonials

I started with Louise 12 weeks ago and I can’t rate her highly enough. I’m now in my 40s and have tried just about every nutrition plan going but never stuck to them. I have been a classic comfort eater and yo yo dieter! Louise has helped me focus on positive food associations and helped me with practical strategies to make healthy food choices during stressful times. I honestly feel so much happier and knowledgeable about my diet - and confident that I have broken the yo yo dieting cycle!


I contacted Louise to help me gain a better understanding of nutrition and what's best to improve my health and wellbeing.
I am 4 weeks in and really enjoying the experience. I'm trying new things and learning Alot about myself along the way. I cannot rate Louise highly enough, she has been wonderful. She's only at the end of the phone if I have a question or a problem. I'm quite a negative person but she always makes me recognise the small achievements. She has the ability to always see the positives and helps me to look at things in a new way. I have really enjoyed myself on this journey so far and cannot thank her enough.


I joined with Louise 8 weeks ago, so pleased I did I have learned so much & still learning lots, it’s been a great life style change for me, just wish I had done it sooner. Louise is very supportive always available for any questions, motivates me and I have loved trying new foods.


Amazing coach . Always so happy and cheerful . Can contact anytime and always receive a response . Excellent value for money!


Louise is lovely, friendly, approachable and knows her stuff! I would most definitely recommend her to a family or friend. 
Thank you for all your time and effort over the past 12 weeks Louise, it is greatly appreciated.


Lou has been the most supportive coach for me over the last few months. Building my knowledge for food and all the fab challenges every week! Highly recommend, she is so friendly and has so much knowledge to share!


I've been trying to build muscle for quite a while now and was unsure as to why I wasn't making the progress I felt I should be. Louise helped me realise actually I wasn't eating enough food, not only to build muscle but enough to fuel me on a daily basis. At the end of the 12 weeks I am now at a stage where I know what I should be eating if I want to make progress. Louise was very supportive, giving me food suggestions and encouraging me to eat more to fuel my body. The amount of time and support Louise puts in is amazing, I could message at any time and she would always respond. I would just like to say thank you for all of the support over the last 12 weeks, I could not have asked for anything more from you during this time. 


My experience with Louise has been brilliant. I have learnt so much it really has made a difference to my relationship to weight loss and food. She is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, always there at the end of the phone for my constant questions! I have genuinely learnt changes I can use for life and her coaching is so much more than weight loss. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Louise x


I’ve been working with Louise for 8 weeks now and I couldn’t recommend her enough.
I have had a very unhealthy relationship with food for years and within just 2 months it has improved dramatically.
Louise has been so kind and encouraging from day 1 and continues to check in throughout the week. I’m very grateful for Louise’s knowledge and positivity throughout my journey xx


I returned to Nutrition Coaching as I find it keeps me on track for accountability - my main focus was to  maintain  which I achieved over the last 12 weeks.

It has been beneficial to me as I achieved my goals, I continue to learn new things weekly, it's been great to try new foods, add more food to my plate and still maintain the whole time. 

This time round for me, it was peace of mind that I have you to check in with as and when I need to, it's really motivating and drives me to stay on track. 

The meal packs are so helpful with so much different variety, it's been great trying new foods!

Would 100% definitely recommend Louise, a great coach, she is there whenever you need her, I I have spent 6 months this year with Louise, so happy with my results and how confident I feel, you just have to trust the process!

I am really forward to re-joining in January to continue with my journey its been great.

Thanks for all your support x


I have been working with Louise now for 3 months. she has helped me refocus with my nutrition. Gaining more knowledge about food and what goes into my body. Her knowledge and expertise is second to none. I would highly recommend her as a coach. She's amazing! Thank you Louise.


Coaching has completely transformed my attitude to food and my own body image. I can't rate Louise and what she does highly enough. For years I have been a yo-yo dieter ridden with guilt. She has made me rethink that and address the emotional triggers for binge eating junk food by helping me implement good nutrition habits and also focus on my own self care needs. As a busy working mum with two autistic children it has been transformative for me.


Definitely coming back  to Nutrition Coaching has been more beneficial to me the second time round. Louise has given me step by step guidance and especially with my mental health that's been suffering, there's been no pressure.  I have benefited more this time. I have  gained knowledge and learn all the time. The check in calls have been amazing. Louise interacts and fully engages with you. I always come away feeling  more positive and motivated to start the next 4 weeks with good intentions and she believes in her clients, whole heartedly. Her passion in helping women shows throughout! I also love the recipe of the month idea!! It gives me a chance to look at Nutritionally what food groups help and supports our bodies. It helps me understand and gives me more knowledge into what is in the ingredients and how it fuels our bodies with certain vitamins that benefits us. I would recommend Louise to anyone! She's passionate about her work and genuinely wants to help women feel better about themselves. You get the whole package with Louise. She's amazing. Thank you.


When I contacted Louise in September last year I had spent a long time feeling miserable. I was in a cycle of restricting myself so much during the week and being ”good” that it got to the weekend and I binged because my body craved all the things I was restricting during the week. As a result Monday morning would come and the guilt would set in and the cycle would start again. I would avoid social occasions altogether or worse, starve myself knowing that I was going out on a social occasion and therefore feel like the weight would pile on and the guilt would consume me. A very sad and miserable place to be.

Working with Louise has taught me so much, not just about nutrition, but also about self-care, self-love and mental health in relation to the food we eat. Over the course of six months my relationship with food has improved drastically my knowledge of nutrition and how I fuel my body not only to perform and lift heavy in the gym, but also to be happier and to function better as a mum, wife, daughter and friend! I know now that I can balance all the foods I want to eat so nothing has to be restricted everything is accessible, there are no ”good” and “bad” foods. I’m happier, more confident in my skin, I’m sleeping better, my energy is better, and I feel more like me….the physical changes are really just the icing on the cake for me. What I’ve benefited most from are the mental changes that will last me the rest of my life.

I can’t thank Louise enough for her patience, kindness, all her knowledge and advice and her dedication to making sure that my goals were met. I honestly can’t recommend her enough. My advice would be invest in your own health both physical and mental, because she will give you the tools to be happy and healthy for the rest of your life.


2023 is going to be a very important year for me as I am getting married. I desperately did not want to
be a fat bride. I had tried every diet going from Keto to slimming clubs, intermittent fasting and all that
happened was I would stick to them for a few days then lose interest or fall of the wagon and binge
out(and not just a little, but seriously binge out). Then I would punish myself (comfort eat) for the next
week or so and gain a further few more pounds and so it went month after month, and slowly into years
until I became the heaviest I had ever been. I also had the added pleasure of menopausal weight gain to
add to the mix to make for a thoroughly depressing time and I knew it was time to sort my relationship
out with food and this is how I met Louise.
I have been working with Louise now for a few months and will have to have my wedding dress taken in
by two dress sizes.
Additionally, I no longer suffer from IBS, afternoon brain fog is a thing of the past and my relationship
with food has completely changed. I have tried so many new foods and found a new love for eating.
This is not dieting but a lifestyle change and I have benefited in so many ways beyond just losing weight
and dropping inches.
For anyone tired of yo-yo dieting and looking to get off the dieting merry-go-round as I was, I can say
that working with Louise has been a pleasure and I am so thankful for the positive changes I have felt
and can see daily, not only in my size and body shape. But also my skin/hair, my energy and well being
and the widening of my food selection and my understanding of how to feed my body and mind for
success. Thank you Louise!


I got to the age I am now, 52, and trust me I have attempted every diet fad going, to starving myself. I was a queen yo-yo-a …My relationship with food was shocking, eating was stressful. I was permanently bloated, tired and fatigued, I hated myself, how I looked and felt.. I became mentally exhausted then all of a sudden menopause hit, and at some point I gave up, no more fight in me. I knew a friend was working with Louise and slowly I watched her transformation. Her mood was different, her food, well , nothing was off the menu. I knew I needed Louise in my life I just didn’t realise how much. Louise has been working with me now just 4 months and I can’t honestly say, me as a person has grown into myself again. She is not just a bible of nutrition she has been my rock for my mental well-being. She can bizarrely turn what you feel is a negative into a positive. Louise always makes sure I’m okay and checks on me throughout the day, everyday. My relationship with food has done a complete 360 can you believe I’m excited by food now, it’s my fuel!!! No more feeling guilty. Who’d of thought just 4 months ago I’d have gone from 600 guilt feeling calories to a healthy 1300, 6 inches smaller and pounds lighter. My win in this journey is Louise, everyone needs a Louise in their life x


Client Testimonials: Client Testimonials
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