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Louise Meadows Bio

I first started in on my health and fitness journey around 4 years ago when I started The Bodycoach 90 day plan because I wanted to make a change. I absolutely loved the structure, finding new recipes to try and seeing the results in my body shape. After completing my second plan I then found myself lost with no knowledge of the quantities of food I was eating or its nutritional value. That coupled with completing 6 months of high intensity training which meant I had lost a lot of weight meant I was deeply unhappy.

I then invested in a coach for my fitness and made it my mission to learn as much as I could about the calorie target I was given and why I needed it. I soaked up every piece of information that was available and watched my shape change and my confidence soar.

I was still eating healthy and nutrient dense meals but I knew why I was eating them, I knew what each part of the meal was doing for my body, my recovery and my training. Since then I have learnt how to eat a balanced diet while still striving to achieve fitness goals. I have first hand experience of working a part time job, being a Mum and Wife and still making nutritious meals that my family all enjoy, and that suit my goals.

My love for nutrition drove me to complete my Nutrition Coach qualification last year when I became fully certified to help others develop the healthy relationship I have with food.

I don’t set meal plans but instead I will work with you to help you achieve a better relationship with food, feel more comfortable about nutrition, motivate you to change behaviours and hold you accountable to make the good food choices that will lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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