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Why I have just gone 3 weeks without alcohol

Friday night me and hubby shared a bottle of prosecco and before that the last alcoholic drink we had was on holiday 3 weeks ago.

I came back and just decided I fancied a break from it, not that we drank to excess on holiday, causal Pina Coladas here and there and probably 3 drinks in an evening but I just felt done for a little while.

So I made it my mission to spice up soft drinks to make them less unappealing!

These are some of the delicious alcohol free alternatives we have had over August.

TIP Even just adding lemon and limes to diet coke and lemonade makes it more exciting!

We really enjoyed our time away from the obligatory ciders in the sun and beers because its Friday and I really think we will buy less to drink at home now than we used to.

Have you gone alcohol free for a period?

How did you find the experience?

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