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Let's talk portion size! 🥣

How many of us have ever filled a bowl up with granola before? Well why wouldn't you, the stuff is delicious right? 😂

But, if you are working towards a weight loss goal portion size could be hindering your progress.

The recommended portion on a box of granola is usually 45g which as shown in this first photo is not a huge amount!

This second photo is how much I am personally eating right now, for two reasons;

🥣 I don't like to be hungry after my breakfast and am always hungry in the mornings

🥣 I make this amount work for the amount of food I am consuming during the rest of the day because I enjoy granola!

"But I always wake up starving!!!" 😫😫😫

If this is the case why not try mixing up your breakfast to include some protein and fibre which will help keep you fuller for longer 😉

This could be half an apple alongside this bowl or a protein shake on the side, or instead of milk try this with 150g of protein yoghurt.

There are always ways to keep your favourite foods in your diet and make them work for you 😉

What do you have for breakfast? 🥣🥣🥣🥣

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