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How high is "high in protein?" #foodfacts

There are so many products marketed as "high" this or "low" that, it can be really confusing to us consumers and in the essence of time, convenience often wins in food choices.

So how high does the protein level need to be before a product can be marketed as "high in protein"?

Typically anything over 20% of the RDA can be labelled as high in something and anything under 5% can be labelled as low. (Remember the Recommended Daily Allowance is always based on a 2000 calorie diet.)

But not everything that is high in protein is worth including in your diet regularly, this chocolate shake has 12g of protein but also 25g of sugar, for someone in a calorie deficit this can be almost half of your recommended daily intake!

It also contains just under 7g of fat, for a drink that isn't going to provide you with anything apart from a sickly feeling it is probably worth leaving if you are looking for a high protein snack.

This Vanilla milkshake is not labelled as high protein, has just over 10g of protein in and just 4g of fat and is made with no artificial colours or preservatives.

But I bet you would never think of buying this for a protein hit would you? 😉

Tell me if you will look more closely at alternatives next time you are shopping 😏

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