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Hands up who has tried bee pollen?

Bee pollen contains nearly ALL nutrients required by the body It has over 250 different substances contained within and is over 35% protein!

If you are wondering how this is made and collected, it is formed by hundreds of pollen particles becoming stuck together by honey and other bee secretions and is collected by tiny brushes placed on the entrance to the hive which knock the pollen off the bees as they enter!

Bee pollen has a very high antioxidant content and anti inflammatory properties that have actually been compared to several anti inflammatory drugs!

Bee pollen helps to increase the absorption of nutrients within the body, especially iron and we know how important getting iron in regularly is!

These are some great tasting recipes I have made with bee pollen and foe those wondering on taste I would say it is sweet and crunchy and has a honey aftertaste!

Let me know if you will be giving bee pollen a go this week!

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