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" All disease begins in the gut " Hippocrates

Here is a shocker for you, we have over 100 trillion microbes in our gut

Our gut controls our mood, immune system, heart disease, likelihood of dementia, to name a few so the more diverse you can make your gut bacteria the better it is for your health.

Certain types of gut bacteria thrive on simple sugars and saturated fats and will tell our brain to get these things, but the good bacteria thrives on vegetables! The more we feed our gut with healthy food the more our brain will be guided to get these things.

We need to train our taste to like good foods and we need to feed the good bacteria so it takes care of us!

Changing our habits comes first, once we have nailed this then comes change of taste.

Have you ever made a diet shift and now don't enjoy something you used to? How did you find making the change? And would you recommend it?

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