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A Hydrated Body is a Happy Body!

Struggle with keeping your water intake high on the weekend? Here are my top tips!!

My water bottle comes upstairs with my morning coffee on a weekend, usually about 500ml has gone by the time I'm on the move.

If I go shopping this bottle comes with me! It waits for me in the car if it is a supermarket and I always drink some on the way home and a shopping centre or city shopping it fits in my bag.

Going on a walk longer than 45 minutes? My bottle comes with me! A short walk I make sure the first thing I do when I get home is drink it and when it's with me on a long walk I make time to stop and drink.

I even take it with me to my meditation class - yes my eyes are closed for the majority of it But, I always drink afterwards and on the way home.

Having drinks with friends and know you won't touch the water all evening? Then get your 2L in before your evening starts! Make it a non negotiable! And always drink some water before bed

Hope you found this useful and let me know which one you will bring in this weekend!

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